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Spray paint

You are looking for spray cans? You will find them here! We have a variety of spray paint in different colors and for different purposes in our shop for artist supplies.

Moreover, the surface should be considered to find the right spray paint. It is important to treat the surface the right way with a priming spray and sealing spray. In doing so, we also have a wide range of priming spray paint. Furthermore, for sealing the surface we have clear coats with different gloss levels. However, before starting to spray it is necessary to clean the surface and get rid of greasy films and dirt. Sometimes a filler spray is needed as a pretreatment.  


Acrylic spray paint

Before buying spray paint you should make thoughts about the purpose and application. Do you have a new D.I.Y. project in your garden or are you planning to spray on canvas with an acrylic spray paint? Almost all spray cans have their own texture, output and ingredients. In doing so, there are spray cans for hobby, as well as spray cans for street art and graffiti. Thus acrylic spray paint for the classic artist supplies and creative purposes are pretty popular. Sometimes they have mixed formulas, but sometimes this spray paint consists of a 100% pure acrylate.


Spray paint

Our spray can color range is outstanding. The popular graffiti spray can MOLOTOW PREMIUM has a color range of 275 colors and provides various colors shades. The spray paint is highly opaque, UV resistant and therefore perfectly suitable for facade design. Moreover, the range includes transparent spray paint for shadings and special effects. In order to make the spray paint pretty resistant we exclusively use high quality pigments from the car industry.


Spray paint for plastic

If you are looking for spray paint for plastic a good adhesion is important. As plastic is a smooth surface the spray paint may easily splinter. Therefore, a spray paint with a flexible lacquer structure that sticks to the surface is recommended. To protect the paint a clear coat for sealing should be also used after drying. If the surface is exposed to sunlight the chosen clear coat should contain an UV blocker. In doing so, the spray paint gets more resistant against fading and abrasion. 


Water based spray paint

Water based spray paint is getting more and more popular. Especially the reduced odor is a great advantage when spraying indoor. On the market there are several water-based sprays available and they all have a different amount of solvents. With more than 85% reduced volatile solvents we were able to revolutionize water based spray paint. The One4All water-based spray can has the best adhesion, a flexible coat structure and has a low odor. This water spray is an acrylic dispersion with the finest atomization. In doing so, the water-based spray can is perfectly suitable for smooth surfaces. Although the volatile solvents are reduced for water based spray paint, it is important to wear a respiratory mask. Every spray paint including the water-based spray contains an amount of solvents in order to solve the pigments. Therefore, we also sell professional respiratory masks for spray paint in our shop.