COSMOS Chalk Effect


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DIY: Elevate your decor in shabby chic


Introducing carbon neutral matt spray:

Revitalize your space with our carbon neutral matt spray – perfect for DIY enthusiasts and shabby chic lovers. Transform furniture effortlessly with an elegant matt finish. No drips, no primer – just quick, creative results. Ideal for wood, metal, stone, ceramics, and marble. Achieve a stunning transformation in 15 minutes – no tools needed!


Elevate your home’s charm with a stunning matte finish for furniture and décor by easily using this spray paint.


Ideal for both seasoned professionals and passionate DIY lovers, this unique spray ensures a seamless process without drips or the need for a primer. The specialized CHALK EFFECT valve system not only simplifies your painting journey but also saves you valuable time.


For the following purposes: DIY, upcycling, shabby chic, scandy lovers on most surfaces: glass, metal, wood, stainless steel, paper, fabric, stone and ceramics as well as many more.

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COSMOS Chalk Effect

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All spray cans of the CHALK line come equipped with two caps:


  • soft spray touch
  • drip-free
  • for fine strokes
  • perfect for details


  • fast application
  • for wide strokes
  • ideal for large surfaces
  • drip-free


Spray properties:

  • ultra-matt colors covering even the most difficult surfaces
  • 100% acrylic resin
  • low odor
  • extreme coverage
  • with 2 caps: for fine lines & big surfaces
  • fast drying
  • drip-free
  • can be sanded easily
  • easy to apply and recoat
  • creates a uniform surface of high resistance
  • excellent adhesion
  • high weather resistance and color stability
  • rust preventative
  • excellent application on almost all surfaces
  • easy to apply and recoat
  • can be sanded easily
  • easy to use
  • lead-free
  • 20 shades
  • 400 ml

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