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The PREMIUM not only impresses with its high opacity and very good UV resistance, but also with its fast drying.

Now there is the long-awaited new edition with a new formula, a softer valve and a new label in the latest design. With this practical set of 24 vibrant colors, you can make any project a success. Also suitable as a (new) starter to cover a wide range and to get to know and test the new recipes of the new edition.


The pack consists of the colors listed:

#003 cadmium yellow
#004 signal yellow
#011 SLIDER light orange
#014 DARE orange
#032 MAD C cherry red
#019 burgundy
#041 strawberry red
#061 amaranth red
#063 purple violet
#057 TILT bubble pink
#068 raspberry
#069 currant
#090 azure blue
#092 shock blue light
#093 shock blue middle
#096 tulip blue middle
#097 tulip blue
#104 sapphire blue
#152 brilliant green
#157 cliffgreen
#217 CAPARSO middle grey neutral
#216 dark grey neutral
#231 signal white
#221 deep black

+ 10-pack German Skinny Cap yellow/black

If a color is no longer available, it will be replaced by the next available color.


  • highly pigmented formula (4 times ground pigments)
  • semi-gloss
  • highly opaque
  • permanent
  • highest UV and weather resistance
  • quick-drying and adhesive (nitro-alkydal compound)
  • for almost all surfaces
  • even coating
  • patented MOLOTOW-Technology: anti-drip, no-dust, coversall, all-season (-10°C bis +50°C)
  • perfectly suited for airbrush
  • Filling quantity: 400 ml


H222-H229 Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container: May burst if heated.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
H336 May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

GHS07: Harmful GHS02: Flammable

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