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Acrylic paint marker

Good acrylic pens have a high opacity. Especially when artists paint canvases they want and need highly opaque acrylic paint marker and a rich paint application with even color transitions. In order to increase the brilliance of acrylic paints it is recommended to prime the canvas with an acrylic dispersion. However, a good acrylic paint marker is also highly opaque even when the surface has not been primed before. In addition, the lightfastness is of high value as the colors may fade when they are exposed to the sunlight. Therefore, only top-quality acrylic pens with the highest UV resistance should be used for high-class canvases and artworks.

One4all acrylic markers are well-known for their good opacity. Moreover, they are pretty UV resistant and work on nearly all surfaces. With more than 74 color shades the color range is extremely wide. Thanks to empty markers and refills individual color shades can be mixed and existing acrylic paint markers can be refilled. Several exchange tips enable different stroke widths. This flexibility makes One4all acrylic pens ideal for graffiti, high-class canvases, mixed media and to do handicrafts for hobby and D.I.Y. purposes.


Paint marker

Artists supplies provide a wide range of markers and paint markers. Some of them are suitable to touch up surfaces other ones can be used for creative art for hobby and D.I.Y. purposes. There are many paint markers for different applications with different tip strokes and inks. In doing so, paint markers with alcohol inks are pretty popular as they are permanent. Especially highly opaque alcohol markers, so called tag markers are used for graffiti, graffiti tags and fast markings. Users of those paint markers put high emphasis on a fast ink flow and a high pigmentation. Thus, black and silver graffiti markers are often used for tagging, however there are also trend colors e.g., copper. Graffiti tags in copper can be seen more and more under graffiti pieces.



While paint markers and acrylic paint markers have a high opacity, conventional felt-tip pens have a semi-opaque paint application. However, there are also differences between diluted inks with pigments when speaking of color brilliance, color brightness and ink flow. In doing so, felt-tip pens, or pens with a fibre rod system need a juicy paint flow. Sketchmarkers with an alcohol-based ink are well-known for their short drying time. However, a great advantage is the strong odor as a result of the alcohol-based ink. This may lead to headaches when using the alcohol-based sketchmarkers on a regular basis. As a consequence, felt-tip pens or graphic markers with a water-based ink are getting more and more popular. The water-based ink is almost odorless and environmentally-friendly which make them perfect for painting with kids or to do handicraft with kids. Some of the graphic markers with water-based inks have food-based colorants. They are harmless to children.

The Molotow Sketcher is a real product innovation when speaking of twinmarkers. Its ink is water-based but also quick-drying and UV resistant. Moreover, this twin marker has a juicy ink flow and a bright, brilliant ink with rich and deep colors. The body of the pen consists mainly of recycled plastics. Therefore, it is the most sustainable graphic marker in the market – with 120 color shades. Unique: the ink of the Sketcher is not bleeding through the paper even when a simple and thin copy paper is used. Due to a complex and innovative cartridge exchange system the pen can be used over and over again – without an annoying refilling with liquid ink. Moreover, the Sketcher is compatible with fineliner e.g., blackliner from Molotow.



Artists painting filigree and fine illustrations, comics and sketches mainly need thin fineliner in different stroke widths. Very thin lines for details can be realized with a 0.5 mm tip while broader lines with 1 mm tip create a depth in illustrations. There are also fineliner with special tip shapes that help creating the image composition and that make artworks vividly. In doing so, there are fineline with chisel tips, round tips, brush tips and calligraphy tips. To reach a great variety there are complete fineliner sets with different tip sizes.

Some fineliner have a permanent and indelible ink. Moreover, some of the fineliner inks are resistant to chemicals and water, as well as lightfast. Thus, they can be combined with brush pens or other water-based markers – without smearing the paint.  


Brush Pens

Since the handlettering trend has started brush pens with a brush tip became very popular. Thanks to their brush tip dynamic lines can be drawn and nice letterings can be brought to paper. Handlettering is especially done for nice greeting cards and invitation cards. While calligraphy is hard to please and often need many years of exercises and training, simple letterings can be created by the means of brush pens – often after a short period of time. To create some variety the letters of the handlettering can be drawn in different colors by the help of a brush pen sets with various color assortations. Sometimes botanical illustrations and floral designs made by fineliners are integrated. In a nutshell: brush pens are a must-have writing tool for every artist supply as the brush markers are also suitable for colorations and watercolor effects. To increase the watercolor effect the watercolor paint can be diluted with water on the paper. In doing so, soft color transitions and shadings can be realized with brush pen markers. To reach those color transitions also squeeze markers filled with water or medium can be used in order to blend the inks. For a better durability a high-quality watercolor medium is advantageous.