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Excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL acrylic marker system is designed for refilling and impresses with its reliability in all aspects. The low wear and versatility of use give these acrylic pens real added value. Whether on surfboards, canvases or other decorative objects: nothing is impossible.

The glossy acrylic markers are available in two colors: black and white. This allows cool effects to be applied to smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. Particularly nice: glossy acrylic paint on matt backgrounds tone on tone, e.g. black glossy on a black matt background.
Our tip:
The gloss level of the glossy acrylic pens is at its best on smooth, non-absorbent objects, e.g. on glass. Based on technical conditions, white pigmented effect paint needs 2-3 layers of application in order to receive a glossy effect, while black pigmented effect paint has a high-gloss shine with just one layer.

Furthermore, the ONE4ALL Glossy acrylic markers serve as an extremely strong adhesive bridge that, after drying, can be painted over with the matt ONE4ALL acrylic markers in 72 colors. The inks are UV-resistant and more resistant to abrasion and scratches than conventional acrylic paints.

During the Spring Sale, all ONE4ALL markers come with a free refill extension – not just the Acrylic Twins!



Quality restrictions and a loss of color characteristics might appear when using unclean or wrongly prepared surfaces. Generally, a previous check of the acrylic paint on the chosen surface at a discreet place is advisable.

Please note that absorbent, flexible, greasy and uneven surfaces are naturally more unsuitable to get painted than smooth and unabsorbent surfaces.



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Highly opaque acrylic markers - For almost all surfaces

Choose your acrylic paints and your tip sizes!
#251 glossy white
2 mm fitting tips 127351 4,90
561 Available
4 mm fitting tips 227351 6,50
216 Available
4-8 mm fitting tips 327501 9,90
276 Available
15 mm fitting tips 627551 12,50
133 Available
4 + 1,5 mm fitting tips 227551 8,50
460 Available
#252 glossy black
2 mm fitting tips 127352 4,90
590 Available
4 mm fitting tips 227352 6,50
280 Available
4-8 mm fitting tips 327502 9,90
151 Available
15 mm fitting tips 627552 12,50
195 Available
4 + 1,5 mm fitting tips 227552 8,50
398 Available
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  • acrylic based
  • Black: high gloss on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces
  • white: glossy after 2-3 coats on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces
  • highly opaque
  • permanent, extreme adhesion
  • Good UV resistance, extremely weather-resistant
  • quick-drying
  • non-toxic
  • dilutable with water
  • for non-absorbent surfaces
  • bonding layer for painting with ONE4ALL acrylic paint
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • 2 colors


  • patented capillary system, patent no. DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04
  • consistent paint flow due to FLOWMASTER™ valve
  • refillable – min. 50 times
  • exchangeable tips
  • mixable (glossy grey shades)
  • suitable for airbrush
  • compatible with ONE4ALL clear coat spray paint


  • Made in Germany
  • filling quantity: ca. 4 – 33 ml
  • Refill: 30 ml

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These are savings of ca. 90% in comparison to buying a new twin marker.

The table below shows you the costs of refilling different ONE4ALL markers.

MarkerONE4ALL 30 ml Refill
ONE4ALL 180 ml Refill
(1,5-4 mm)
1,11 €0,58 €
127 HS
(2 mm)
1,38 €0,73 €
227 HS
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2,49 €1,31 €
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(4-8 mm)
3,87 €2,04 €
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