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With the cartridge holder of the SKETCHER, reloading is a clean and sustainable matter. 56% plastic can be avoided when buying a cartridge instead of a completely new marker.

In doing so, the SKETCHER twinmarker can be individualized. With 120 color shades and 3 different tips there are more than 60.000 combination possibilities.


The  twinmarker cartridge can be changed when caps are closed by unscrewing it or screwing it (until the locking function is hearable).

Sketcher Body

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Product details

  • SKETCHER body (twinmarker)
  • innovative, individually modular cartridge exchange system
  • clean cartridge exchange with robust locking function by screwing the cartridge
  • 120 color shades
  • 3 tips
  • more than 60,000 combination possibilities


  • Sketcher: 95% recycled plastic according to DIN EN ISO 14021
  • (cartridge = 95%, marker body = 92%)
  • ergonomic marker shape, good grip due to eroded surface with soft components
  • handy color system thanks to color codes on caps


  • very good environmental performance evaluation:
  • resource-efficient
  • recycled plastic: EuCertPlast & DIN Certco certificated
  • 80% less CO2 emissions (cartridge = 80%, marker = 79%)
  • environmentally-friendly & future-oriented production
  • high fertility: 10% more ink volume compared to conventional twin markers
  • 56% (10,6 g) reduced plastics per cartridge purchase

more information about the sustainable production:
Questions and answers - Sustainable products (


  • compatible with MOLOTOW Blackliner
  • Made in Germany
  • conforms to ASTM D423
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Delivery Time2-3 Tage

SKETCHER Infosheet Download (PDF - 500 Kb)

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Sketcher Body

Incl. 19% VAT , excl. Shipping Cost