The Sketcher Starter Main Set 1 - unpack and start sketching!

We offer this Starter Set with a reduced launch price! With this, you can try out the Sketcher and convince yourself of this revolutionary system, which enables a cartridge change with an audible locking function.


This Set contains:

1x 750999 Sketcher Body

1x 751003 Sketcher cartridge Brush Y 015 canary yellow

1x 751018 Sketcher cartridge Brush R 090 cherry red middle

1x 752031 Sketcher cartridge Chisel P 155 bubblegum

1x 751053 Sketcher cartridge Brush B 265 skyblue

1x 752070 Sketcher cartridge Chisel G350 kryptonite

1x 753120 Sketcher cartridge Round BL600 black 


As an unbeatable surplus value, the Sketcher - in addition to the cartridge switching system - also provides the quality to consist in huge parts of recycled plastic: one cartridge comprises out of 95% recycled synthetics!

As a special feature, the Sketcher is filled with the highly evolved AquaPro ink, which not only dries almost as quick as an alcohol-based ink, but also provides a strong color brillance and great UV resistance.

SKETCHER Starter Set Main 1

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Product details

  • sustainable, professional twin marker
  • color-intensive, water-based AquaPro ink
  • deep, rich color brilliance
  • juicy ink flow
  • low smudging (after drying)
  • good UV resistance
  • quick-drying (comparable to alcohol-based inks)
  • odorless, crystal-clear spring water (Black Forest)
  • for applications on paper
  • for concept art, graphical & technical sketching and coloring
  • 120 color shades
  • innovative, individually modular cartridge exchange system
  • more than 60,000 combination possibilities
  • clean cartridge exchange with robust locking function by screwing cartridge counterclockwise
  • tip exchange: 2-5 mm chisel, brush & 1 mm round tip
    *standardly equipped with 2-5 mm chisel tip + brush tip
  • Sketcher: 95% recycled plastic according to DIN EN ISO 14021
    (cartridge1 = 95%, marker body² = 92%)
  • ergonomic marker shape, good grip due to eroded surface with soft components
  • handy color system thanks to color codes on caps
  • very good environmental performance evaluation:
    -       resource-efficient
    -       recycled plastic: EuCertPlast & DIN Certco certificated
    -       80% less CO2 emissions
    (cartridge = 80%, marker = 79%)
    -       environmentally-friendly & future-oriented production
    -       high fertility:
    10% more ink volume compared to conventional twin markers
    -       56% reduced plastics per cartridge purchase
    (10,6 g)
  • more information about the sustainable production:
    Questions and answers - Sustainable products (

  • compatible with MOLOTOW™ Blackliner
  • Made in Germany
  • conforms to ASTM D4236
  • weight:     25,80 g / marker
                     6,69 g/ cartridge
  • above-average amount ink/ marker:
  • 3,4 g (1,7 g/ cartridge)
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SKETCHER Infosheet Download (PDF - 500 Kb)

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SKETCHER Starter Set Main 1

Regular Price €13.20 Special Price €11.50
Incl. 19% VAT , excl. Shipping Cost