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Using the right sketchbook is as important as choosing the right markers and pens. As every ink and every paint has its own characteristics the requirements for the surface may vary.  There are not only different formats and substances, but also various haptics. Moreover, some sketchbooks consist of coated paper that avoid the ink to be taken in. This is often an important characteristic for graffiti blackbooks, as the ink of opaque paint marker e.g., pigmented acrylic pens, should not be soaked into the paper. In doing so, we recommend our One4All sketchbooks for our One4All acrylic markers. The sketchbooks are equipped with a paper that was developed by Clairefontaine.


Coloring book

As soon as very liquid inks and paints are used simple sketch pads are not sufficient anymore. The high amount of water results in unpleasant waves and sometimes the paint is bleeding through the paper. Therefore, it is important to use high quality drawing paper. Strongly-pigmented inks with effect should be treated in a special way as they often lose their effects when the paper has absorbent characteristics. This is especially true for the bestseller Liquid Chrome marker. As a result, we developed a coloring book with special paper for effect inks with Clairefontaine. It consists of whitewashed paper and coated paper in black and whit that avoid the absorption of the pigments. The coloring book is suitable for almost all kinds of pigmented inks with effect characteristics. In order to make it possible to try out the paper, there are small coloring books as a try out set available in DIN A6.


Sketch pads

However, classic artist supplies and fineliner often work on simple paper. Especially fast sketches, simple drawings and illustrations that are roughly sketched before the real artwork is done, conventional sketch pads are sufficient enough. Besides classic sketch pads for markers and pens there are also special graffiti sketchbooks for rough sketches and graffiti pieces. In doing so, every writer should have his or her own graffiti blackbook. These blackbooks are available in different sizes and formats. Moreover, they exist as sketchbooks and sketch pads.