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  • Liquid Chrome™ Marker Calligraphy 3 mm

    Liquid Chrome™ Marker Calligraphy 3 mm
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      The one and only liquid chrome is now available with a 3 mm calligraphy tip, pefect for lletterings, tags and the best mirror effect on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.


      There‘s already a big hype about these markers. The highly pigmented special ink creates a real mirror effect, which leads to high enthusiasm. With the calligraphy tip it can be used ideally for letterings with a special style.

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    Das Passt dazu


    Dr. Molotow knows best!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best chrome of all? LIQUID CHROME™ is excellent suited for scale modelling, graffiti, finishing, D.I.Y. and airbrush. More information you will find in the user guide:

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