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  • Sketcher Set 12 pcs Main Kit 1

    Sketcher Set 12 pcs Main Kit 1
    SKU: 200513-BX
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      An esthetic shape and juicy-deep colors: The SKETCHER Kits with 12 pcs. are in the same unique shape as the SKETCHER Twin Markers itself. In doing so, they are also a nice way to store and organize your new favorite markers.


      Don't you feel like want to start sketching with these nice 7 different color assortments?


      Choose from deep-rich color shades in Kit 1, or darker and lighter shadings of them in Kit 2 and 3.


      Moreover, there are special Kits available: 2 different Grey Kits, a Pastel Kit and a Character Kit.


      Discover the nice world of color themes of the SKETCHER for your concept art, or your graphic and art illustrations. Perfect to start your creative projects!


      Pretty sustainable: the colors can be bought as single cartridges - this saves up to 56% plastics instead of buying a complete marker. This means approx. 10.6 g plastic.

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