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  • Blackbook Graffiti Sketching DIN A4 portrait

    Blackbook Graffiti Sketching DIN A4 portrait
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      Perfect for your sketches in DIN A4 portrait format. In addition to its high-quality hardcover back and black endpapers. The cover has an embossed MOLOTOW™ logo. The Blackbook with its 68 pages is perfect for your sketching session. In its classic portrait format it is easy to handle. The 90 g/m² paper is suitable for MOLOTOW™ markers on acrylic, water and alcohol basis.

      The Blackbook is vegan and produced environmentally friendly by Clairefontaine. This family group which gathers today 3300 employees trough 50 companies is a unique in Europe to be at the same time paper producer and transformer.

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