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    1. MOLOTOW™ PU Protective Gloves

      MOLOTOW™ PU Protective Gloves

      SKU: 800431, 800432

      Starting at: €3.00

      Incl. 16% Tax

      Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

    2. MOLOTOW™ Overall

      MOLOTOW™ Overall

      SKU: 800417,800418,800419

      Starting at: €4.95

      Incl. 16% Tax

      Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

      • breathable
      • better fit thanks to elastic arm, leg and waist band
      • hood with elastic face band (ideal for masks)
      • sealable zipper coverage
      • material: PP-membrane
      • sizes: M, L or XL
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    3. Farbschutzanzug (weiß)

      Starting at: €7.90

      Incl. 16% Tax

      Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

      Paint protective overall withe the following features:

      • waisted
      • with cuffs
      • hooded
      • color: white
      • material: PP-fleece
      • size: L or XL
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    4. 3M Standardmask

      3M Standardmask

      SKU: 800101
      Incl. 16% Tax
      Absolutely reliable protective mask "3M Standard" gives protection from everykind of organic solvents. The best choice for people with a low use. The protective fleece can be stretched over the mask, as a result the durability is extended by approx. 30%:
      • A2-P3 filter
      • high quality
      • ready to use and secure right away
      • optimum mask maintenance with special cleaning wipes possible
      • nice design
      The protective fleece is not included in delivery. Learn More
    5. 3M Respirator mask-Set (Profi, A2+P2)
      Incl. 16% Tax
      This professional mask protects from organic fumes and stood the test of a regular use indoor and outdoor, successfully. 3M "Profi" Mask Set, includes:
      • 1 x 6200 3M mask size M
      • 2 x 6055 A2 filter cartridge
      • 2 x 5925 P2 particle filter
      • 2 x 501 housing cover
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    6. Black Mask-exchangeable filters (A1-P1)
      Incl. 16% Tax
      Black Mask exchangeable filters:
      • A1-P1 filters
      • features see description "Black Mask"
      • 2 pcs.
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    7. Defender-Maske


      SKU: 800112
      Incl. 16% Tax
      Filter mask against organic fumes, with:
      • exchangeable charcoal and dust absorber (A1-P1 filter)
      • almost indestructible
      • size: L
      • color: schwarz
      • top cost effectiveness
      • also suitable for wearer of glasses
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    8. dust mask

      dust mask

      SKU: 800110
      Incl. 16% Tax
      Simple dust mask for short term dust protection:
    9. Compensatory filter catridge (Profi)
      Incl. 16% Tax

      3M Compensatory filter catridge "Profi", including:

      • A2-P2 filter catridge (pair)
      • Compensatory particle filter (pair)
      • Housing cover (pair)
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    10. Black Mask

      Black Mask

      SKU: 800102
      Incl. 16% Tax
      The convenient companion "Black Mask" has the following characteristics:
      • A1-P1 filter (exchangeable)
      • ready to use and secure right away
      • handy, small size
      • reduced, dark design
      • comfortable wearing
      • also suitable for wearer of glasses
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    11. Defender-Mask Compensatory filter
      Incl. 16% Tax
      Compensatory filter for "Defender Mask":

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    11 Item(s)

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